The Macro Strategist Privacy Policy

The Macro Strategist is committed to protecting your privacy, and is how we may use your information in regards to subscription services or other services that require contact as a mode of transmission.

Our services may include "The Macro Strategist," "The Macro Strategist Weekly," or any other product name decided at the time of issuance. We may add or delete services or content category names, if needed. If this occurs, it will be announced.

Personal Information

The Macro Strategist collects information as it pertains to free or paid subscription services in order to provide an appropriate level of service. We will ask for your name, address, email, and company name if applicable. Paid subscription services will require additional information in order to fulfill proper requirements.

Please understand that paid services, your personal information is needed to complete the transaction. This will include the information listed above, as well as credit card number and expiration. Alternative modes of payment, such as Bitcoin, PayPal and others, may be provided for the subscribers convenience. Information collected during those alternative payment methods will be inline with current standards.

Use of Your Personal Information

Personal information use will be strictly be limited to providing subscribers access to The Macro Strategist website and services. In regards to services or changes in product lineup, promotional content or other updates, The Macro Strategist will announce it when deemed necessary. Non-promotional notifications and content cannot be opted-out by the subscriber.

Subscribers have the right to cancel their membership before the next billing cycle. Subscribers will be offered a "good faith" three-day grace period within the next billing cycle to cancel their membership. After the grace period, the current charge for membership will stand, and the membership will be promptly canceled on the following billing cycle. This will be the only condition for refunds. Any questions, contact us.


Cookies may be used to store account information when logging into The Macro Strategist website and expedite the content recall on the subscriber's end. These cookies also are an identifier so The Macro Strategist may interact with the communicating device. Cookies, though, will not indicate the identity of those logging into the The Macro Strategist system or transmit personal information.

Disclosure of Your Personal Information

Personal information will not be disclosed that will personally identify subscribers using free or paid services. The Macro Strategist will never give out or sell personal information, but we may use aggregate information (i.e. total subscribers and/or information on growth metrics) for internal reports or advertising.

The Macro Strategist may contact one or more subscribers and request use of basic information, such as their name, for testimonials or the alike. Those who may be contacted in request to disclose their name, time as subscriber, etc., have every right to deny any request with no questions asked. The Macro Strategist will uphold and honor subscribers requests.

However, information may be disclosed in response to any legal process or conflict with applicable laws or regulations in order to protect the rights and property of The Macro Strategist and the safety of our subscribers and employees.

Personal information is secured on our private servers and encrypted for the protection of The Macro Strategist service subscribers.

Subscribers' accounts are self-generated once the membership payment process is complete. Only the respective subscriber should have access to account information. The sharing of account passwords to anyone, subscriber or non-subscriber. This is not Netflix, and we won't chill if The Macro Strategist believes this to be occurring. If the subscriber in question is suspected to be sharing passwords, their account will be deactivated and no refunds will be issued.

If there are potential subscriber groups or businesses of more than 10 individuals, please contact us. We will aim to provide a respectable discount, if possible.

Other Content or Affiliates

The Macro Strategist may provide access to content and/or information from a third-party or affiliate that we believe may be beneficial or educational. Outside of these circumstances, we do not necessarily believe in third-party of affiliate views, opinions or methodologies.  The Macro Strategist is not responsible for content provided by outside sources.

NOTE: Once on a third-party or affiliate site, subscribers are no longer covered under The Macro Strategist private policy. Please contact the third-party or affiliate for their own private policy.

Subscription to free or paid services is confirmation that this policy has been read, acknowledged and agreed upon.

Any questions, please contact us.